Our Product
We offer a cutting edge feedback tool that lets you hear from the people who matter.
With our substantially simple feedback mechanism, customer response is through the roof! There is absolutely no compromise on the richness of collected data. Avail all the insights from the data collected with our highly customizable tool and powerful analytics backend.
We'd love to help you create a great feedback campaign. To help you experience the simplicity, fun, and intelligence of our product, we'd like to offer you the first campaign free of cost.
How This Will Help
Get rich and reliable feedback data from internal and external customers rapidly and easily.
Create feedback Campaigns Easily
No long forms or difficult decision-making about the content and design of your feedback form. All you need to create a Zykrr feedback campaign is your keywords - the specific variables you want feedback on. Zykrr will do the rest for you and you will have an elegant campaign to share in minutes.
One Platform, Many Solutions
Zykrr gives you a versatile and flexible system that you can use to address diverse needs. So, whether you're looking for a way to gather product feedback from your external customers, or 360-degree feedback from your employees, a Zykrr campaign can get the job done.
High Customer Response Rate
Our super easy feedback tool makes feedbacks quick and fun! The functionality make sure that the data collected is rich and informative while being fun at the same time.
Incisive Reports
The Zykrr dashboard gives you real time analytics enabling you to view feedback trends and patterns across multiple locations and offerings. Crisp and targeted reports highlight the information that matters, so you can take action to improve customer lifetime value and attract new customers.
Omni Channel Feedback
Zykrr integrates multiple sources of customer feedback, including social media, enabling you to really "listen" to your customers, irrespective of their chosen forum.
Our Offerings
Experience our all-in-one feedback solution for anything and everything you would care to hear about.
Rapid Dashboards & Insights
Real time analytics to view feedback trends across multiple locations and offerings.
Platform Configuration
Increased integration with your systems to provide holistic views and analytics.
Innovative Feedback Campaigns
Implement a simple, engaging digital feedback platform. This serves as a digital feedback listener.
Feedback Manager
Recognize feedback patterns and measure impact of actions taken. Help improve on customer life time value and attract new customers by targeting in the identified areas of gaps.
Data Integrator
Integrate with diverse external data sources and social listening to strengthen insights.
Why Zykrr?
We help business get and keep customers, by enabling them to understand what customers truly need.
It's quick. Really, really quick
Feedback campaigns on Zykrr can be created and rolled out very rapidly. Not only that, respondents take a fraction of the time to provide rich feedback compared to traditional surveys. This naturally results in much higher response rates.
Remarkably easy
The colorful, drag and drop interface is fun to use and makes the job of giving feedback trouble free.
It gives you instant, incisive reports
Feedback is only valuable if it's actionable. Zykrr reports help you decide what actions you need to get to the next level.
It's natural and intuitive
Sharing feedback using Zykrr flows as easily and naturally as a real conversation would. The tool guides users to provide a rapid overview and then targets his or her attention to their specific responses.
It can be deployed anywhere, anyhow.
Web, mobile, kiosks – you name it.
It's flexible
Using Zykrr, you can design campaigns rapidly and easily for any industry and any category of respondents. The steps remain the same, and so do the amazing insights!
It's cost effective
The Zykrr promise is to give you a high-quality campaign that leads to actionable insights at a very competitive price.
You can make it "yours"!
Use Zykrr for all your internal and external feedback needs – your campaigns can even be rolled out in keeping with your brand guidelines.
It requires minimal effort to deploy.
The tool just needs you to set the parameters you want feedback on – after that, it’s ready to roll. Zykrr does all the heavy lifting for you.
It's good at making “connections”
Zykrr can integrate with your CRM, or can help connect your employee feedback with your customer feedback. We know you need the big picture, and we have the tools to show that to you.
So, if you are looking for a fun,easy feedback platform that would help your customers and employees interact with you better, Zykrr is the way to go!
Who We Are
We're a small team that packs a punch when it comes to expertise in experience design, technology, and analytics
We offer a digital consumer experience management platform that takes the idea of feedback and stretches it far beyond the traditional in terms of both - the experience it gives your users and the insights it gives you. Our product is based on a couple of firm beliefs. One - businesses must do their utmost to continuously listen to the voice of their consumers. Two - if consumers find it engaging and easy to share feedback, they will.
Our Supporters
Pete Behrens
Leadership Agility Coach with Trail Ridge Consulting. His leadership has enhanced agility for Salesforce.com, GE Healthcare, Google, McKinsey & Company, and more.
Agility requires feedback. The faster we go and the more uncertain the terrain we travel, feedback becomes essential to delivering the right value to our customers. Zykrr is designed for fast feedback in an agile way - easy enough to seek feedback frequently and targeted enough to drive valuable learning.
Parveen Sinha
Founder- Jabong, Aquabrim, Pincap, GoJavas
Zykrr takes the traditional feedback model and elevates it to a scalable solution for enterprises to efficiently generate insights. The user friendly interface is very intuitive and can generate faster response and increase the size of total response. This is a great tool for organizations to gather input and to optimize business.
Mohit Jain
Co-Founder and Managing Director - Northwest Executive Education
Zykrr is a feedback, review and thought sharing platform in the making that shows promise to become the industry leading platform, based on its mobile first approach. The ease of use, intuitive and gesture based approach for UX has been a defining factor that has helped us choose Zykrr as our feedback platform of choice for our programs. The visualization of data brings to life comments and nuances that otherwise might be missed in a data first platform.
Ankur Agarwal
Research fellow at Cambridge University and a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). PhD in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics from INRIA, France
In a world where data matters more than anything else, Zykrr is developing a unique expertise in the area of capturing and analysing customer as well as employee feedback to deliver actionable insights to stakeholders. I am very excited about the prospects of zykrr's technology and am glad to be part of this journey.
Tathagat Verma
Founder and CEO - ThoughtLeadership.in
In the increasingly data-driven world, Zykrr promises to be a great platform for businesses to engage with their audience and measure the impact of their campaigns.
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