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CSAT score – Customer Satisfaction KPI

CSAT score – Customer Satisfaction KPI

Customer Satisfaction Score is a barometer that indicates how satisfied your customers are with your product or service at that point of time. It gauges an average across the complete experience with your company, that starts with the first interaction to the brand and enhances further to transactions such as purchase or services.

It uncovers the real pain points and identifies the opportunities and scope on which immediate or scheduled actions are needed to be taken. In general, it diagnosis the health of your business and obtains the symptoms those are helpful to identify the stressed areas which needs immediate care.

CSAT is sent once the product has been used. Since the experience is fresh just after the use, the feedback shall be solicited at that time. The experience diminishes after a point of time and the quality gets diluted. Therefore, it is preferred to ask for the feedback immediate to the interactions of the customers with the product.

It is difficult to estimate the product life accurately for each customer because of the variations in the utility of the product, but what can be reckoned is when can the customer would have had enough exposure to the product/brand to respond to this survey.

For example, for a smart phone company, the survey can be scheduled 3 months after the delivery of the product. And once started the company should continue sending it at an interval of a 3-6 months to track the real-time performance of the product.

Whereas for service providers, the service time can be easily gauged so they can send it right at the end of it. Just like you have departed from the flight, the feedback campaign can be sent after that immediately by the airlines.

There are numerous methods to calculate the CSAT score but what is necessary is, to keep a few things in mind while measuring the customer satisfaction and maintaining a good response rate.

• Make is easy for your customers.
• It should not consume too much of your customer’s time.
• The campaign should keep the customers engaged to collect a reliable data.

Each one of these points look contradictory but you need to count on each one of them, how will you do it?

Generally, people are dedicated towards a single question driven CSAT surveys as simple as “whether you are satisfied or not”, with an answer to it as yes or no.

You should resist doing this, as it is just as bad as doing everything to reach to your customers and not exploring the real opportunity it could have given you to extract the rich data out of their experiences.

You need to prepare a questionnaire that includes most of the areas where your customer can generate a response and you want to take the feedback on. These segmented areas are called as key attributes that circumferences the whole experience of the customers throughout the journey. The questions can then be rated on a scale of 0-10 (preferably 11 pointers but it might be 5 pointers or 7 pointers scale). 11 pointer gives you the scope to measure and track your next performances.

This will also give you in depth report and performance analysis. But the trick is that you need to send them on the right time, and try to reach deeper in the minds of your customers.


The more feedbacks you will compile the better opportunities you will get for the future. It needs to be kept going at a regular basis so as to analyse the timely performances of your product.

This approach can lay the fundamentals of a regular feedback cycles where the customers can be looped in a chain of events and be connected to the company and stay long in the relationship.

But if you’re thinking how to take CSAT scores on regular intervals and even if it is possible to do that? Yes, it is absolutely possible to hear words like rich, reliable, continuous and fast in correspondence to the feedback campaigns. So, to unleash the power of feedback explore our capabilities. And then it will become furious enough too.


But do not get confused of customer service from customer satisfaction. It is one of the costliest mistakes you would have been making. For more to know what is the difference read

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