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Product Naming is a very important aspect of any new product launch. The name should carry the brand value that you hold as well as be able to grasp the attention of the customer while providing the assurance of quality.
It is no longer the age old process of thinking of a name you like and promoting your brand with it. Product naming is now based on intricate market research that gives you the upper hand in the market niche to increase the credibility of your product. Product naming research is now aligned with a brand strategy that helps you further your cause in the market.
We at Zykrr understand how important it is for you to find the ideal name for the product in the market. We have designed a unique and innovative approach that helps us to work with you in driving your brand growth by finding the right product name.


Zykrr’s Working Approach:

The name of the product that you choose needs to have three most important characteristics;

  • The brand name should be able to drive the growth of your brand
  • The name should be an apt representation of your brand value
  • It should enhance the sale of the product.

How Do We At Zykrr Work?

Our product naming tool gives you the utmost ease in utilizing the benefit of market research to identify the best name that suits your brand. You can select and shortlist the names that meets or nears the expected qualities of your brand with qualitative data that backs the potential of each name.
With the detailed and inclusive data you can separate the names that may not perform well in the market or does not carry the brand value. Our Product Naming research tool allows you to compare the names you have with each other to ascertain the best match with your brand.


We include innovative AI technologies to empower you with the capability to understand the implications of using a name and how it will impact the growth and acceptance of a product in the market. Every detail suggested to you by the Product Naming Research tool is backed by a deep insight into the market and the analysis of the customer base.
We have worked with the very best in the Industry and we lead as the provider of Product experience Management system with an AI powered modern and innovative strategies that work to give results.

Give Your Business The Pinnacle Of Solutions And Unlock New Potentials With Zykrr.