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Importance of Feedback in Formulating CRO Strategy !

Importance of Feedback in Formulating CRO Strategy !

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. The strict lockdown that the government across the world has enforced to check the spread of this disease has affected the businesses adversely. Many businesses around the world have shut shop, and many that are struggling to keep their operations running are trying innovative ways to attract new customers and hold onto their existing ones. Many companies in their effort to distinguish themselves from their competitors are more aggressively focused on their customer needs. They are employing real-time customer feedback software to understand their needs. This allows them to find a solution to the pain points of their customers and increase their brand loyalty.

Additionally, companies are also actively looking at how to make their operations more efficient and improve the productivity of their employees. To do this effectively, many companies use a range of employee engagement survey tools to ensure that their manpower is employed productively and improve their ROI.

While investing in employee pulse survey tools will help you to employ your manpower more effectively, you need to improve your sales figure dramatically to survive in this tumultuous time. Experts have suggested that one way to improve your conversion rate is by engaging with your customers and increasing brand loyalty. To do this, businesses have to step up and take action by working in a structured manner and continuously follow the input through an effective CRO strategy. Any company that lacks deep insight into the mind of the customer will find it hard to sell its product in this cutthroat competitive market. The meaningful customer insight that you can easily obtain from online customer feedback is a part of the CRO. Let us understand what CRO stands for and why more and more organisations are adopting it to improve their conversion rate.

What is CRO?

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is vitally important for online businesses to increase their turnover by improving the conversion rate significantly. When we talk about conversion, then it can include, placing an order, subscribing to an e-magazine or newsletter, filling a form and others. The main aims of CRO are to listen to your customer, based on their input remove any obstacle, and encourage them to convert. To understand what your targeted customers want you to rely on their feedback.

Why is collecting feedback is important for CRO strategy?

Collecting customer feedback is extremely important to fine-tune your sales strategy. It will give you an insight into the online behaviour of your customer. This insight forms the crucial building block of creating your CRO strategy to improve the conversion rate. Some of the important things you can do through the feedback channel areto find and remove the difficulties your customer face when they visit your website.Furthermore, you will also know why some of the customers drop out just before the order is completed.


Now you get a broadside view of why feedback is an essential component for formulating your CRO strategy. It will help you understand the intention of the customer quickly so that you can show them those contents on your website that they will find interesting. This will in turn help in improving the conversion rate significantly.

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