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We handle data with utmost care

Secure system with robust technology

Our integrations help organizations go-live faster. Zykrr platform provides REST API through which clients can fully automate and trigger feedback collection. Whether it is 1 or 10 touch points in your business process where you want to hear the voice of your customers, all you need to do is call one API to register the event on our platform and start getting realtime analytics. For secure communication between integration systems, Zykrr enforces TLS v1.1 only connections, supports token based authentication, mutual TLS and VPN connectivity with client systems.


Zykrr platform is built with cloud-native technologies. We use containers, automated deployments, monitoring, alerting, automated code quality and security scanning to be more agile in product delivery. We take security seriously and have multiple safeguards to protect data of our clients.

Machine Learning

Find out what you need to do to make your NPS better with predictive analytics. We are using one of the best algorithms for natural language processing available in 2019. It does sentiment analysis up to 5 levels on keywords and entities on the free text questions. Also available in closed beta preview, classify your free text responses into 6 levels of tones (angry, sad, neutral, happy, surprise & suggestive).


Zykrr platform is very versatile. You can easily build your product feedback, employee evaluation, manage your customer complaints with multiple departments & department roles. The data collected is crunched to bring multi dimensional analytics to you so that you can point what your users are liking/disliking and enable you to make the right decisions.

With auto-scaling configured at compute machines, disk space and container level, Zykrr platform automatically scales and easily handles your heavy traffic during peak hours. With upcoming BYOI feature, what’s even more delightful is that you can plug-in your existing authentication mechanism to control your users and their security, integrate seamlessly with available authentication methods like OAuth, Active Directory, JWT. With Single-Sign-On, your users don’t need to remember one more password. Add or remove them centrally making user management a breeze.

Give your business the pinnacle of solutions and unlock new potentials with Zykrr.

With our substantially simple feedback mechanism, customer response is through the roof! There is absolutely no compromise on the richness of collected data. Avail all the insights from the data collected with our highly customizable tool and powerful analytics backend.

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