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CXO Dashboards

ROI of your CX investment

The Zykrr dashboard gives you real time analytics enabling you to view feedback trends and patterns across multiple locations and offerings. Crisp and targeted reports highlight the information that matters, so you can take action to improve customer lifetime value and attract new customers.

Carve the path from your unstructured data to a visual manifestation of your business insights.
Rapid Dashboards & Insights

Real time analytics to view feedback trends across multiple locations and offerings.

Sketch the face of your CX strategy

Zykrr’s technology gives structure to your raw data to help you derive meaningful insights for your organization. Bring all the information from across the channels and visualize it on your dashboard.

Give your business the pinnacle of solutions and unlock new potentials with Zykrr.

With our substantially simple feedback mechanism, customer response is through the roof! There is absolutely no compromise on the richness of collected data. Avail all the insights from the data collected with our highly customizable tool and powerful analytics backend.

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